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Swim Research Freedom 3mm Swim Gloves

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Swim Research from C-Skins has been developed for recreational and competition swimmers alike. This range has been designed by swimmers and built by C-Skins using over 40 years of experience and know-how to ensure you get the best products available. These 3mm gloves are perfect for colder season swimming, for hardy togs swimmers that need to protect the extremities and for longer swims before the water has warmed up.


100% Xtend Material - Flexible, lightweight, super hydrophobic external lining that has excellent multi-directional stretch.

Liquid Sealed Seams -Applied to the external seam to enhance waterproofing and strength.

Hype 3 Catch Palm -Multi-Layer PE ink designed for minimal resistance on your forward stroke and maximum resistance on your catch and pull.

Glued and Blindstitched Seams -A watertight method of construction that results in superior warmth and maximum comfort.

Performance driven minimal panel design -Strategically positioned seams reduce drag and improve comfort.

True Thickness - .A warmer thicker product that doesn’t mislead our customers.