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Ribelle HD

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The Ribelle is a modern hybrid mountain walking boot, designed for fast moving mountain walking, Via Ferrata and backpacking with heavy loads or at altitude. Compatible with C2 (semi-automatic) crampons with a flex bar.

The Ribelle HD has a soft supple suede upper with thermos-embossing, giving a perfect fit and support. The H-Dry waterproof membrane is directly laminated to the upper, giving superior weather protection and a very precise fit. The upper is wrapped in a PU Tech layer, shielding the upper and midsole from rocks and scrapes.

The Ribelle family are a next generation of boots designed to allow people to move faster than conventional mountain boots. Core to this is the new ARG last shape, which has low volume technical precision, but with a noticeable toe spring, giving a much more natural and fluid gait. This is married to the  Precision Roll sole which has a technical Vibram Mont outsole with bi-density PU cushioning, giving a much more natural feel and walking motion.



Pro Fiber Roll in Polypropylene + Fiberglass, anatomical and structural, with different thicknesses, light and with different anti-torsion rigidities. Maximum performance, stability and comfort.
In Perwanger 2.5mm water-repellent suede leather + inserts in water-repellent microfibre and collar in elastic fabric for greater comfort. Sock-Fit XT construction system that wraps around the foot like a sock. Protective edge in PU on the outside for greater lightness and rubber on the inside and on the toe for greater protection. The construction of the upper, laminated with HDry® technology for maximum impermeability and comfort, combined with the sole guarantees maximum precision, wrapping, comfort and synergy between the foot and the upper.
Newly developed “Speed ​​Lacing” with two-component small parts in light steel and plastic. The advanced lacing at the toe is differentiated into two parts. The lower part with lace hooks allows for quick sliding of the lace and adjustment of the fit volumes in a single movement. The upper part has a lace lock that divides the tension areas of the lacing and hooks for a homogeneous and progressive wrapping of the ankle, to obtain a comfortable fit without constraints.
In 37.5® fabric laminated with HDry® technology for maximum waterproofness and comfort.
Precision Tech Roll designed and studied by SCARPA, the result is a sole with contained volumes, a precise, fast, light and comfortable fit.
Made from Vibram® Mont compound, it ensures stability and durability. Compatible with semi-automatic crampons.
Weight 695g - Size 42
Made in Asolo, Italy.

    Designed in Italy, in European sizes - The UK sizes represent an accurate conversion