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Hardwear Utility Stretch Belt

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Strong and durable doesn't have to mean bulky and heavy. Built to function as a tool, the Hardwear belt's controlled performance stretch delivers durability that fends off abrasion, with stiffness to carry your tools of the trade. Brought together with our highest tensile strength buckle, the Hardwear belt is designed to increase comfort and free the movement of those that go hard.


  • Controlled Performance Stretch - Robust webbing supports the weight of heavier apparel and tools, with the right amount of give to bend and move freely.
  • Ultra Durable - High density and high tensile strength plastic can withstand extreme pressure.
  • Custom Fit -  Micro-adjustability lets you dial in an exact fit.
  • Abrasion Resistant - Tightly woven fabric stands up to scuffs, pills, and tears with long-term use.
  • Travel-friendly - Metal-free, durable buckle makes travel security easy.

Hardwear belts are 1.5" (3.81cm) wide.