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Down Care Kit

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Down Care Kit contents:
225ml DOWN WASH (Wash in) 225ml DOWN PROOFER (Wash in) DOWN DRYER BALLS TWIN Includes a Dosage Cup

Down Wash 225ml 

Specially formulated cleaner for Down filled items. pH to perfectly suit down and maintain loft.
Three Wash bottle
pH Balanced
Suitable for all down filled items
Maintain soft feel
Increases insulation performance

Down Proofer 225ml

Restores original finish to down filled garments and equipment leaving a patented abrasion resistant Eco friendly finish.
Three Wash bottle
PCF Free Eco formula
Heat Curing
Suitable for all down filled items
Abrasion resistant

Includes a Dosage Cup


Within this kit you get all you need to care for your Technical Apparel. Apparel Wash, Apparel Proof and a handy Dosing cup to ensure correct volume of product is used.